Why LinkedIn Could Be The Best Platform For Your B2B Business? [Real Time Data Analysis]

Quite contrary to general belief, LinkedIn is not just a great place to search jobs or network with potential clients. Even for B2B businesses this could be an ideal destination to further profits. As per recent statistics collated by Coupon Machine,

  • There are a total of 380 million recorded members worldwide
  • LinkedIn at 91% is the second most commonly used platform for social media marketing, second only to Twitter at 94%
  • There are close to 625,000 profile views on LinkedIn every hour
  • Over 60,000 job views on mobile are recorded in one hour

The numbers could at times be hugely mindboggling but they spell out trends loud and clear. Essentially these numbers are just indicators of the growing usage and the kind of opportunities that could open up for mobile commerce initiatives. No wonder these numbers clearly emphasise the simple fact about how B2B centric LinkedIn is and the reason it is considered the most effective in the sales cycle.

Business Basics On LinkedIn

Real time mobile Data statistics from Coupon Machine further helps drawing some key inferences and details like

  • It is a very productive avenue for new businesses
  • Almost half of the total users on LinkedIn tend to buy from a company with which they are connected on LinkedIn
  • Not just that whopping 80% users want to connect with companies on LinkedIn as this greatly benefits their business decisions.
  • The fact that nearly 45% of users belong to the top management also tends to generate more favourable results.
  • The fact that LinkedIn does not have a hide post feature ensures that the number of posts are seen more often, almost 20% views a month


The fact therefore remains that LinkedIn posts can be extremely effective if you are looking to expand your B2B businesses.

Check out this Awesome Infographic with real time statistics from Coupon Machine!

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