Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

From the beautiful and accommodating people to the pristine beaches, there are a lot of reasons to visit Costa Rica. In fact, the country relies mostly on its tourism industry. It is easy to be convinced visiting this country as it has a lot to offer.

This only means that even if you have to spend more or you need to book several connecting flights just to get there, it is perfectly worth it. It is a lovely country with a lot in store for you. Stay there for a week and you can say you will soon come back.

Costa Rica is the go-to place of the elites who want to take some time off from their business and just relax. It can also happen to you. There are budget hotels in the country too. There are cheaper food shops available.

Why don’t you give it a try? Start saving now and you will earn enough to make this plan a reality. This is a dream vacation place for many people. Be among the first in your small circle of friends to visit Costa Rica.

Start at Playa Hermosa where you can find Instagram-worthy black sand beaches. It also has huge waves which are perfect for surfing. There are other activities that you can do while in the beach.

If this is exciting for you, check out the infographic below. It lists the other beaches that you would surely love to visit too. They are really amazing.

Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

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