Top Universities in the USA 2019

Once more, US universities have been represented well at the QS World University Rankings, together with 157 US institutions of higher education comprised from the 2019 rankings. American schools maintained 5 of the most effective 9 positions, including a duplicate sweep of the top 4 spots.

Given below is the list of the schools included in our best Universities in the USA 2019 infographic:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is yet again considered to be the most excellent university on earth for a record-breaking 7th consecutive year! MIT secured a perfect 100 on 4 of the 6 parameters used to find out this year’s rankings. So, you could say that MIT is quite good…

If studying about technology in Massachusetts isn’t quite your speed, how about doing your studies in the stunning San Francisco Bay Area? Stanford continues to hold themselves as the #2 university in the world and is a fabulous spot to rub shoulders with some best businesspersons and business leaders.

Then ranks Harvard University. The name alone signifies advanced education and all that it characterizes. Harvard still stands at #3 – not too rugged for a school that has been there for almost 400 years (founded in 1636)! Fun fact: Harvard is situated in Cambridge, MA, and it’s within walking distance of MIT. That’s instead a neighborhood for education!

And now, getting back to California. This time we go to Pasadena, home of the #4-ranked university in the world – California Institute of Technology. It’s commonly known as Caltech, and it is located about 11 miles northeast of L.A.

The University of Cambridge runs a collegiate system, just as the University of Oxford. Just about every one of the 18,000 students participates in a college or hallway, where they have the choice to live, sleep and study on site. There are 31 colleges and 150 academic departments at Cambridge. The university has a long and revered history dating back to 1209 when scholars in Oxford fled to Cambridge later clashes with local folks. Many famous politicians, cultural figures and scientists spent time in Cambridge, for example, Isaac Newton and John Harvard, who’d move on to found Harvard University. Every college has unique customs and students enroll at an official service when coming at the school.

Believe it or not, there are also some tremendous American schools located in places besides Massachusetts and California.

Top Universities in the USA 2019

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