History of Wealthy Affiliate Infographic

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In today’s History of Wealthy Affiliate Infographic, we are going to share with you a visual depiction of a timeline from the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The infographic chronicles Wealthy Affiliate from inception till today, highlighting all of the launches and improvements made along the way.

History of Wealthy Affiliate


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Wealthy Affiliate was started by the creative and innovative duo of Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

It began as a keyword list membership site and quickly grew to include training modules for the members on how to use the keyword lists and drive traffic to their members websites.

As the membership grew, so did the demands of the members and Wealthy Affiliate has been instrumental in keeping up with the demands of its members.

Both Kyle and Carson had already been successful internet marketers and were now in the business of helping others to achieve the same success that they had realized.

Here is the History of Wealthy Affiliate:

September 10, 2005 – In 2005 Wealthy Affiliate is born as a membership site that offered keyword lists to internet marketers in many different niches.

The price of Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 was $29.99 per month and they delivered one keyword list per week.

Shortly after getting their first 50 or so members, it was clear that they would need a communication medium. At that point they added the famous WA Forum.

December 2005 They hired their first full-time employee.

The next request was that they add training, so they started adding training modules where they could help their members learn how to utilize the keyword lists and drive traffic to their websites.

In the early years the evolution at WA was based on what the industry needed, and what their members wanted.
In 2006 the price went from $29.99 to $39.00 mainly because their little keyword membership site had grown-up. they hired more full-time employees, more dedicated servers, they needed more of everything and that cost more money.

December 2006 WA Spaces is launched.
2007 – WA develops their our own web hosting infrastructure. This was the birth of WA hosting, starting out with a couple servers, Plesk, and a website builder called “Site Rubix”.

Site Rubix came out at a time when another company was just starting to gain traction. This company was called WordPress and it was open-source. Their team worked to develop Site Rubix in-house, spending tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a product that helped 1000’s of members build their websites.

2008 – WA spent hundreds of thousand of dollars developing Site Rubix 2.0 and later scrapped its development in order to focus their attention elsewhere.

March 2009 – WA hires another senior team member that opens doors for them. They were now starting to leave competitors in the dust because Wealthy Affiliate had everything that a person needed to become successful online.

They had a training center with Video, Tutorial, and Course types of training.

They had their own hosting network, their own website builder, the forum, and they still had keyword lists!

They went to from $39 to a split $97 / $47 price point.

July 2009 Wealthy Affiliate Premium is launched.

February 2010 Wealthy Affiliate re-launches the WA Blog.

April 2011 Street Talk is launched and adds commenting to Street Articles.

August 2011 Live Chat is launched as a way for members to chat with each other in real time.

April 2012 WA launches a system rewarding members for likes and comments as well as for trainings that they provide.

May 2012 WA releases the Jaaxy Keyword research tool

June 2012 They introduce WA Notifications that helps members stay in tune with what is happening at Wealthy Affiliate.

July 2012 WA Email Manager is born.

October 2012 Wealthy Affiliate Launches the famous $0 cost Starter Membership!

December 2012 Wealthy Affiliate Launches Level 4 Training, Social Engagement Certification.

January 2013 Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms are born!

July 2013 Private Messaging is Launched and members can now Private Message each other.

October 2013 siterubix.com hosting platform is officially launched.

May 2014 WA announces a new system for bookmarking content inside the platform.

August 2014 WA launched Level 5 Training – The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

February 2015 WA rolls out an update which massively improves the security of the websites on their hosting platform.

March 2015 Live Chat is updated to make it more mobile and user friendly.

May 2015 WA increases their processing power to facilitate the huge influx of new members.

June 2015 WA launches Site Comments, the groundbreaking credit system for getting comments on your website.

January 2016 WA Launches SiteDomains allowing members to register domains inside Wealthy Affiliate.

March 2016 WA tools out the ability to transfer domains into WA for ease of use and security.

June 2016 WA rolls out SiteProtect free spam protection for your websites.

November 2016 WA announces FREE SSL certificates for your websites.

As you can see the team at Wealthy Affiliate is always busy behind the scenes making improvements that help to maintain its position as an awesome program to be involved in.

2017 marks the 12th year in business for Wealthy Affiliate.

They have come a long way from where they started and they continue to improve every year!

Stay tuned as the History of Wealthy Affiliate continues!

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