Content Marketing in 2017

Content Marketing is set to face it’s most challenging and exciting year due to the sheer amount of developments that have been released.

From Instagram Stories to Accelerated Mobile Pages, there is much more to take into consideration throughout all stages of visual and video content creation.

Check out this Content Marketing Infographic for 2017!

Content Marketing Infographic

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Live Video With nearly every social channel having jumped on this bandwagon, live video has proved the most exciting new format of video content in 2016, this is set to grow exponentially in the next twelve months.

Ad Spend The UK ad market is set to grow by £3bn to £17bn in 2017, driven largely by digital advertising growth.

Social and video are major factors driving the demand for richer and more powerful consumer engagement.

As an update to this section, make sure to check out our latest article on how video marketing formats have changed in 2017 already!

Wearable 19 million wearable cameras are forecast to be sold in 2017 (U.S).

“Glanceable marketing” requires marketers to produce visual heavy content that can be consumed within seconds to capitalize on this.

Interactive 2017 will see more innovation in interactive video, 70% of B2B and B2C marketers who already use interactive video say that the medium engages with audiences very well.

Chatbots – With the rise of bots much of brand to user interaction will now be automated.

Recently Facebook announced new features for bots that can easily respond with video, audio, GIFS, and other such files.

Mindset Brands have become much better at delivering content relevant to the physical context e.g we may know that you’re at home, on iPhone, on an eCommerce channel.

However, smarter brands have begun to map those locational signals against the expected psychological context and having done so interpret actions in the moment before delivering content that seeks to relieve the emotional bottlenecks in the customer’s decision making process.

In that sense, brands will begin to focus as much on signals of intent as they do location.

Email – Email marketing is going to focus more on automation.

Automated messages receive on average 152% higher click through rates than non-automated messaging.

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