History of Wealthy Affiliate Infographic

history of wealthy affiliate

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In today’s History of Wealthy Affiliate Infographic, we are going to share with you a visual depiction of a timeline from the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The infographic chronicles Wealthy Affiliate from inception till today, highlighting all of the launches and improvements made along the way.

History of Wealthy Affiliate


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Wealthy Affiliate was started by the creative and innovative duo of Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

It began as a keyword list membership site and quickly grew to include training modules for the members on how to use the keyword lists and drive traffic to their members websites.

As the membership grew, so did the demands of the members and Wealthy Affiliate has been instrumental in keeping up with the demands of its members.

Both Kyle and Carson had already been successful internet marketers and were now in the business of helping others to achieve the same success that they had realized.

Here is the History of Wealthy Affiliate:

September 10, 2005 – In 2005 Wealthy Affiliate is born as a membership site that offered keyword lists to internet marketers in many different niches.

The price of Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 was $29.99 per month and they delivered one keyword list per week.

Shortly after getting their first 50 or so members, it was clear that they would need a communication medium. At that point they added the famous WA Forum.

December 2005 They hired their first full-time employee.

The next request was that they add training, so they started adding training modules where they could help their members learn how to utilize the keyword lists and drive traffic to their websites.

In the early years the evolution at WA was based on what the industry needed, and what their members wanted.
In 2006 the price went from $29.99 to $39.00 mainly because their little keyword membership site had grown-up. they hired more full-time employees, more dedicated servers, they needed more of everything and that cost more money.

December 2006 WA Spaces is launched.
2007 – WA develops their our own web hosting infrastructure. This was the birth of WA hosting, starting out with a couple servers, Plesk, and a website builder called “Site Rubix”.

Site Rubix came out at a time when another company was just starting to gain traction. This company was called WordPress and it was open-source. Their team worked to develop Site Rubix in-house, spending tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a product that helped 1000’s of members build their websites.

2008 – WA spent hundreds of thousand of dollars developing Site Rubix 2.0 and later scrapped its development in order to focus their attention elsewhere.

March 2009 – WA hires another senior team member that opens doors for them. They were now starting to leave competitors in the dust because Wealthy Affiliate had everything that a person needed to become successful online.

They had a training center with Video, Tutorial, and Course types of training.

They had their own hosting network, their own website builder, the forum, and they still had keyword lists!

They went to from $39 to a split $97 / $47 price point.

July 2009 Wealthy Affiliate Premium is launched.

February 2010 Wealthy Affiliate re-launches the WA Blog.

April 2011 Street Talk is launched and adds commenting to Street Articles.

August 2011 Live Chat is launched as a way for members to chat with each other in real time.

April 2012 WA launches a system rewarding members for likes and comments as well as for trainings that they provide.

May 2012 WA releases the Jaaxy Keyword research tool

June 2012 They introduce WA Notifications that helps members stay in tune with what is happening at Wealthy Affiliate.

July 2012 WA Email Manager is born.

October 2012 Wealthy Affiliate Launches the famous $0 cost Starter Membership!

December 2012 Wealthy Affiliate Launches Level 4 Training, Social Engagement Certification.

January 2013 Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms are born!

July 2013 Private Messaging is Launched and members can now Private Message each other.

October 2013 siterubix.com hosting platform is officially launched.

May 2014 WA announces a new system for bookmarking content inside the platform.

August 2014 WA launched Level 5 Training – The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

February 2015 WA rolls out an update which massively improves the security of the websites on their hosting platform.

March 2015 Live Chat is updated to make it more mobile and user friendly.

May 2015 WA increases their processing power to facilitate the huge influx of new members.

June 2015 WA launches Site Comments, the groundbreaking credit system for getting comments on your website.

January 2016 WA Launches SiteDomains allowing members to register domains inside Wealthy Affiliate.

March 2016 WA tools out the ability to transfer domains into WA for ease of use and security.

June 2016 WA rolls out SiteProtect free spam protection for your websites.

November 2016 WA announces FREE SSL certificates for your websites.

As you can see the team at Wealthy Affiliate is always busy behind the scenes making improvements that help to maintain its position as an awesome program to be involved in.

2017 marks the 12th year in business for Wealthy Affiliate.

They have come a long way from where they started and they continue to improve every year!

Stay tuned as the History of Wealthy Affiliate continues!

Top Universities in the USA 2019

Top universities in the USA

Once more, US universities have been represented well at the QS World University Rankings, together with 157 US institutions of higher education comprised from the 2019 rankings. American schools maintained 5 of the most effective 9 positions, including a duplicate sweep of the top 4 spots.

Given below is the list of the schools included in our best Universities in the USA 2019 infographic:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is yet again considered to be the most excellent university on earth for a record-breaking 7th consecutive year! MIT secured a perfect 100 on 4 of the 6 parameters used to find out this year’s rankings. So, you could say that MIT is quite good…

If studying about technology in Massachusetts isn’t quite your speed, how about doing your studies in the stunning San Francisco Bay Area? Stanford continues to hold themselves as the #2 university in the world and is a fabulous spot to rub shoulders with some best businesspersons and business leaders.

Then ranks Harvard University. The name alone signifies advanced education and all that it characterizes. Harvard still stands at #3 – not too rugged for a school that has been there for almost 400 years (founded in 1636)! Fun fact: Harvard is situated in Cambridge, MA, and it’s within walking distance of MIT. That’s instead a neighborhood for education!

And now, getting back to California. This time we go to Pasadena, home of the #4-ranked university in the world – California Institute of Technology. It’s commonly known as Caltech, and it is located about 11 miles northeast of L.A.

The University of Cambridge runs a collegiate system, just as the University of Oxford. Just about every one of the 18,000 students participates in a college or hallway, where they have the choice to live, sleep and study on site. There are 31 colleges and 150 academic departments at Cambridge. The university has a long and revered history dating back to 1209 when scholars in Oxford fled to Cambridge later clashes with local folks. Many famous politicians, cultural figures and scientists spent time in Cambridge, for example, Isaac Newton and John Harvard, who’d move on to found Harvard University. Every college has unique customs and students enroll at an official service when coming at the school.

Believe it or not, there are also some tremendous American schools located in places besides Massachusetts and California.

Top Universities in the USA 2019

Aerospace infographic – the digital transformation of the sector in 2017

Aerospace Infographic

Aerospace infographic – the digital transformation of the sector in 2017

The International Paris Air Show has closed its doors for another year, and in 2017 we had the pleasure of attending with CIMPA, our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialist subsidiary.

This year’s event was jam-packed and once again demonstrated that new tech solutions are the drivers behind the annual growth in the aerospace sector.

France – a major market player With 22% share after the US (35%), France has a strategic place on the market. In 2016, Airbus generated a turnover of 70 million USD, and annual production will continue to rise on most of its models between now and 2019.

In France, Airbus is spearheading the sector, which accounted for 112,400 employees in 243 different companies in 2015.

A market with rising demand Expectations and targets that need to be met are always high, whether it’s for customers or the builders of the aircraft. Some of the key issues for construction today are notions such as 80% passenger occupancy, ensuring on-board Wi-Fi and contactless payments, identifying luggage location and higher profitability.

For customers, value for money is the most important issue. Though the cost of a single trip has seen itself cut by half in the last ten years, today’s passengers expect better service, such as having access to simple yet innovative services (electronic tickets, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Transforming aerospace with digitalisation

Companies in the sector are now calling on new technologies to ensure their continued growth. As pilots complete their training, augmented and virtual reality can be used to create more immersive situational training sessions. In addition, the automation of the production chain has increased efficiency and 3D printing has made it possible to produce components on the go at lower cost, whether it’s for transportation or storage.

Drones are now being used to carry out quicker, cheaper inspections. The UAV market will see a 34% increase in growth over the next 3 years, with 3 million drones being produced in 2017. The Internet of Things, or IoT, allows efficient monitoring through the increased number of sensors installed in aircraft and production tools.

When paired with Big Data and AI, problems can be pre-empted and adjustments can be made to improving settings.

Digital Twins are a huge trend in 2017 and can prove useful in aerospace, particularly for analysing the impact of new components within a device.

In 3 to 5 years, billions of devices will have a digital twin. Other technologies, such as the blockchain, will make an impact in the next few years if they can find their place in the value chain. All these different uses of tech will enable the aerospace sector to reach 6 major targets:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved accuracy
  • Adoption of coworking
  • Real time feedback
  • Limiting costs
  • Improved customer experience

Attending the Paris Air Show allowed us to present our services for implementing these technology solutions. For a visual summary, check out our infographic below.

Aerospace Infographic

Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

Top 10 Beaches in Costa Rica

From the beautiful and accommodating people to the pristine beaches, there are a lot of reasons to visit Costa Rica. In fact, the country relies mostly on its tourism industry. It is easy to be convinced visiting this country as it has a lot to offer.

This only means that even if you have to spend more or you need to book several connecting flights just to get there, it is perfectly worth it. It is a lovely country with a lot in store for you. Stay there for a week and you can say you will soon come back.

Costa Rica is the go-to place of the elites who want to take some time off from their business and just relax. It can also happen to you. There are budget hotels in the country too. There are cheaper food shops available.

Why don’t you give it a try? Start saving now and you will earn enough to make this plan a reality. This is a dream vacation place for many people. Be among the first in your small circle of friends to visit Costa Rica.

Start at Playa Hermosa where you can find Instagram-worthy black sand beaches. It also has huge waves which are perfect for surfing. There are other activities that you can do while in the beach.

If this is exciting for you, check out the infographic below. It lists the other beaches that you would surely love to visit too. They are really amazing.

Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best Choice For Your Online Store

Which ecommerce Platform is the Best Choice for Your Online Store

Isn’t it great that you can now sell products and services online with ease? There was a time when this can only be done by major companies. A lot of small businesses are thriving now because of online stores. They can easily reach out to a lot of people and these people can buy any product sold.

If you are planning to conduct an online business, it is important to make use of the best e-commerce platforms. This spells the difference between success and failure in this endeavor.

Woocommerce is one of the most popular options currently available. In fact, almost 40% of all e-commerce platform users prefer this option. It is highly flexible and it is available for free.

Shopify is also another option, but it comes with a price. If you are willing to pay for it, you will get additional features that may not be available in other options that come for free. It is also highly flexible, which is great if you are planning to make it easier for your target customers to buy.

Bigcommerce is also another paid option, but it costs up to $199 a month. You need to think twice if you are asked to pay this much. If you think the features are good enough, give it a try. Otherwise, look for other options.

Consider popularity, flexibility and price before making the final decision. Check the infographic below to serve as your guide in choosing the best e-commerce platform.

Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best Choice For Your Online Store (PbS)

4 Basics of Finance Every Freshman Should Know

Basics of Finance

The post teaches the basics of finance, every college freshmen should know. The first principle is known as “Time Value of Money”. It says, the surplus worth of money will always appraise if spent wisely. Perpetually growth of your investments is in your hands. it depends on how you invest.

The second basic principle of finance is “Compounding”. Albert Einstein once called “The Power of Compounding” the eighth wonder of the world. At the age of 22, an average investment of $10,000 will mushroom to $58,714 by the age of 45(Compounded at 8% annually). One who understands this will unveil it forever, one who doesn’t will pay till infinity.

The third basic principle is “Leverage”. In layman terms, Leverage means investing borrowed capital for potential increment upon return on investment. A good example of leverage could be College Education.

The fourth principle is about “Inflation”. It marks the general increment of price vs fall in purchase value of a commodity over time. For example: A Howard degree costs 17 times higher as compared to 1971-72.

The infographic below is a visual depiction of the 4 Basics of Finance Every Freshman Should Know.

basics of finance, every freshmen should know

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions

How to Create Headlines that Get More Clicks and Conversions

Headlines do more than just add titles or extra words to your articles. It’s your first (and sometimes only) opportunity to grab your reader’s attention and make him want to read the rest of your article or infographic. Headlines used to be long and bold, especially in newspaper articles. They were meant to be controversial and thought-provoking because magazines and newspapers needed to sell more papers every day.

Nowadays, headlines are still important because people’s attention spans have become shorter. Additionally, there are thousands of articles and other types of content which are published online every single day. In order to people read and for your websites to convert into clicks and sales, the headlines need to be truly interesting and attention-grabbing. Bear in mind though, that this is not an excuse to make up stories and sensationalize your headline for the sake of clicks. Anything you publish or add to your article must have value and a clear purpose. In this case, the headlines must give an idea of what the content is about. It must be creative, catchy, but truthful.

There are countless instances when the content is not related to the headline. Search engines like Google keep track of these and penalize websites with content that don’t comply with best practices and rules.

To make content more readable, headlines must be short and straight to the point. The aim of headlines should be to help and not just tell. This is why numbers are often used in modern headlines. For example, 10 ways to make headlines more appealing is more attractive to the readers than a long-winded title that does not offer any idea on what the rest of the article is supposed to be about.

Adding graphics such as photos and videos below the headline also helps since it reinforces the theme of the subject. How to articles and headlines are also very helpful since they answer a lot of questions and problems that readers might have. People go online to search for answers and often need instruction from something as simple as how to properly boil an egg to how to change a tire and many other mundane things. Some people take these for granted, but for individuals who are stuck in a sticky situation, these are the kinds of content that can help them solve their problems.

An article with the headline How to Cook Rice in 5 Easy Steps will have more clicks and conversions than an article that reads: Cooking Rice Made Simple and Easy, simply because people want to know how to do things the fastest and most efficient way possible. Some marketing companies have done split tests on headlines and have seen that the how to’s and numbered lists always perform better.

To find out more ways on how to write headlines that convert better, here is an informative graphic showing 7 effective tips and tricks. These have been tested and proven, so don’t hesitate to try these on your own sites. Track and measure them to see the difference better headlines make!

How To Create Headlines That Get More Clicks and Conversions (PbS)

How to Get Page One Rankings in Google – Infographic

How to get Page one Rankings in Google

It happens to all of us. We put our heart and soul and hard work into building a website that we just know will dominate the google search rankings, but here we are stuck on page two! Today I want to share an infographic from one of the top SEOs that I know so that you can learn how to get page one rankings in Google.

The SEO that I am talking about is my friend Matt Diggity. He is the go to if you are having a problem with ranking a site. Matt’s method behind is madness is testing, testing and testing some more until he finds the answer that he is looking for.

There are many SEO Tips and Tricks that you should be using, but sometimes you just can’t figure out how to get page one rankings in google.

That’s when it is time to call Matt!

In the infographic below, Matt shares 24 steps to help you get unstuck in the SERPs.

Here are some things to consider if you are asking how to get page one rankings in Google.

  1. Do you have keywords that under or over optimized?
  2. Do you have poor title tags?
  3. Do you have enough content?
  4. Do you have duplicate content?
  5. Do you have redundant content?
  6. Do You have a lack of relevance?
  7. Do you have fresh content?
  8. Do you have quality URLs?
  9. Do you look like an affiliate site?
  10. Do you have quality on page signals?
  11. Do you need a visit from the grammar police?
  12. Do you have an unorganized heading structure?
  13. Do you lack outbound authority links?
  14. Do you have unoptimized anchor text ratios?
  15. Do you have links that lack trust and authority?
  16. Do you have links from poor PBNs?
  17. Do you lack social signals?
  18. Do you have a page with too many links?
  19. Do you have poor links that need to be disavowed?
  20. Do you have a poor distribution of links?
  21. Do you have a slow site?
  22. Do you have a poor click through rate?
  23. Do you have a high bounce rate?
  24. Do you lack a mobile friendly design?

The infographic below will tell you how to fix each of these problems and answer the question:

How to get page one ranking in google!

How to get Unstuck from Page 2 in Seo

How to get page one rankings in google infographic source – Diggitymarketing.com

7 Countries that Combat Global Warming and Run 100% on Clean Energy – Infographic

global warming infographic

Global warming is one of the most pressing problems we face in the world right now. If the problem of climate change remains unsolved, it will affect many generations to come. In fact, there is a chance that the future generation will not see the world the way we see it now.

The good news is that there are countries that have started doing their share to stop climate change. One of the biggest contributing factors to this phenomenon is the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels have been useful as an energy source, but they burn too much carbon. Over the years, it has led to the increased concentration of carbon in the atmosphere, leading to global warming.

The best part is that there are alternative energy sources. Wind, sun and geothermal energy sources may provide the same amount of energy, but don’t cause the same level of pollution. There are a number of countries that have begun working towards using clean energy and reducing the effects of global warming.

In fact, some of them have succeeded in fully eradicating fossil fuels as an energy source. This only proves to the naysayers that it can be done. Yes, it might be costlier or more difficult, but it is possible.

Small countries like Bonaire and Costa Rica have succeeded in achieving full repeal of fossil fuels. Even a larger country like Denmark has also succeeded in doing so. It goes to show that if the government is focused on combating global warming, it can be done.

The reason why a lot of people are not in favor of these alternative energy sources is because they make a lot of money out of the fossil fuel industry. Even if they try to change people’s minds, we can’t deny the fact that fossil fuels are quickly depleting. If we don’t begin looking for an alternative energy source now, then the future is less than bright.

The 7 countries presented in the infographic below have managed to let go of fossil fuels and were very successful. Other countries should take inspiration from them.

7 Countries that Said 'Adios' to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

Infographic Source: welovecostarica.com