Reel Dollars Infographic

Below you will find our reel dollars infographic. It is a visual depiction of the flow of money through the film industry and includes tons of really cool information, including the most successful studios and how many films that they have produced.

You will also learn how film distributors get paid and how actors get paid.

reel dollars infographic

There is no doubt that the film industry is big business and for some it has always been a mystery as to exactly how this business model works. You can see in the reel dollars infographic above exactly how the film industry business model works and how the money flows through the industry.

You can see that the revenue from movie theaters has continually risen in the last 15 years which is surprising given the number of people that prefer to watch movies at home. I’m sure that this rise in revenue has a lot to do with the rise in ticket prices and not necessarily a rise in attendance.

We can also see the percentage of revenue that comes from DVD and video sales and also television revenue, including pay per view, subscription TV and free TV.

There are no surprises in the highest paid actor column, as these are the most successful actors of our day. What is surprising is how much they have made in a one year period.

  • Johnny Depp – $75 Million
  • Sandra Bullock – $56 Million
  • Ben Stiller – $53 Million
  • Tom Hanks – $45 Million
  • Adam Sandler – $40 Million
  • Reese Witherspoon $32 Million
  • Cameron Diaz – $32 Million
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – $28 Million
  • Jennifer Anniston – $27 Million
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – $25 Million

That’s a lot of movie tickets that need to be sold just to pay for the top 10 actors! It is really hard to believe that a movie can make enough money today to pay the actors and everyone else and still make a profit.

We hope that you enjoy the Reel Dollars Infographic and the flow of money facts presented above.


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