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If your infographic meets our guidelines and is of high quality, it will be published as quickly as possible, depending on how many submissions are ahead of you.

We will link the infographic itself to your original URL using the Alt text of your choice with a “follow” link. We will also link to the URL of your choice from the description that you provide. However, this will be a “no follow” link.

If you prefer that your infographic is published immediately and with a “follow” link in the description, the please choose our Express submission.

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Awesome Infographics reserves the right to refuse infographics that do not meet our quality guidelines.

We also reserve the right to edit any content provided with your infographic to better serve our readers.

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While we will link back to the original source of the infographic to give proper credit to you, you will not receive author status. That will be retained for our staff and may include an author box below your infographic with the editor that reviewed and approved your submission.