How to Get More Clicks on Facebook and Twitter Infographic

In today’s post we are going to take a look at this awesome How to Get More Clicks on Facebook and Twitter Infographic.

In order to take full advantage of social channels like Facebook and Twitter, this means driving visitors to your site and converting those visitors into customer or subscribers, you need to be able to gain your readers’ attention at all times and stand out of the rest of your social media competition.

This may actually sound more difficult than what it actually is.  

In this infographic, I’m going to show you proven tips that will help you increase the click through rate of your posts on Facebook and Twitter.  

Here are some of the things you’ll learn about how to get more clicks on Facebook ads: 

  1. You need to specify what demographic segment you want to target.
  2. Be creative on choosing the images for your ads.
  3. Crafting an eye-catching title is killer.
  4. Your ad copy will tell people if by clicking on your link they’ll get what they are looking for.
  5. Tell your readers what to do, including a Call to Action Button.
  6. Know when your readers are online and find the perfect time to launch your ads.

Facebook is a little different from other more conventional pay per click networks because you’re actually using a social network to promote your business.  The moment in which you chose to post something on Facebook will have a huge impact on how many impressions and clicks you receive. 

On the other hand, Twitter can be a little more complicated, because first of all, we have no way of calculating the tweets organic reach(we may be able to evaluate in terms of engagement and impressions, at that point we will have a better organic reach from our followers, but all of this is something like experimental), and second, we have a completely different dynamic than the one you’ll see on Facebook.

A Facebook user might still see your post, even hours or days after you’ve published it. On Twitter, we have a more real-time environment.

We hope you find this How to Get More Clicks on Facebook and Twitter Infographic useful!

How to Get More Clicks on Facebook and Twitter Infographic

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