How to Write a Review for Your Amazon Niche Site Infographic

Today’s infographic is from my good friend Doug Cunnington and is about how to write a review for your Amazon niche site. It seems like there is a new Amazon niche site popping up everyday.

And is it any wonder?

They are profitable and a way for the little guy, with some knowledge, to build a business around a niche with Amazon.

Amazon niche site entrepreneurs make money with a business model called Affiliate Marketing.

Here is a great tutorial on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

There are a number of key issues for being successful with an Amazon niche site.

  1. Keyword Research – This is the most important step in your Amazon niche site journey. Proper keyword research is the hallmark of any good niche site.
  2. Choose your niche – You have to choose a profitable niche that has competition that you can surpass in the Google search results.
  3. Build your site structure – A successful Amazon niche site has a very specific structure that is the hallmark of success.
  4. Utilize good on page SEO – One thing that is a imperative in the Amazon niche site business is proper on page SEO.
  • Use the keyword in the page URL.
  • Use the keyword in the title.
  • Use the keyword in the meta description.
  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph.
  • Use the keyword in the last paragraph.
  • Use the keyword in a heading.
  • Only use the keyword for one page or post.
  • Use the keyword for the ALT for at least one image.
  • Link to authority sites.
  • Use internal linking.

Once you have these basic skills mastered, it is simply a matter of creating quality content. This infographic deals with the exact method or template, if you will for creating that content.

I also suggest that once you have created an Amazon review that you are satisfied with, save it as a template.

If you use Thrive Content Builder, this is very simple to do.

I hope that you find the how to write a review for your Amazon site infographic below helpful!

How to Write a Review for Your Amazon Niche Site







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